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How Deep Is A Counter Depth Refrigerator

The best counter depth refrigerator actually refers to a full-size version which may or may not have a freezer compartment. Even though this kind of refrigerator is becoming quite popular at present it is advisable to take into account several benefits and drawbacks before looking for one.

How Deep Is A Counter Depth Refrigerator

Nevertheless, although popular amongst sellers, the term counter-depth could be deceptive since the actual dimension may not be the same as the traditional counter depth of 25 inches. It’s certainly not uncommon to find bottom cabinets, particularly in big kitchens which are much deeper in comparison to the traditional 24″ depth where the counter is going to protrude typically by 1 inch.

Therefore counter-depth can be deeper compared to the average, ranging between 25″ and 30″. As a result, you have to be cautious while taking exact measurements of the permitted space prior to buying the appliances. In fact, all counter-depth fridges aren’t of the identical size; they may differ by a number of inches in depth.

The small, under-counter fridges, freezers as well as coolers are typically known as cabinet-depth and even though these may not be the same as the traditional models, most will be 24 inches such that when installed, they’ll be flush with the cabinets. And since the majority of the freestanding wine coolers tend to be counter-depth, this leaves a counter-depth vs standard depth choice mainly applicable to freestanding freezers, fridges as well as beverage coolers.

Freezers which are created to be custom installed as an accomplice to a fridge are usually counter depth for a more integrated design regardless of the fact that the majority of the upright freezers are standard depth.

Right now the query that may arise in your mind is whether you should go for a counter-depth refrigerator? While selecting a counter-depth fridge the idea should be to have a sleeker appearance that must be very satisfying to the eyes. You’ll come across this specific design with all varieties of fridges – side-by-side and French door models or even bottom or top freezers.

These are at times higher and generally wider than the standard depth models of the identical capacity and this might be something you’ll wish to think about when setting up a brand new refrigerator.
Even though many individuals opt for the counter-depth design it is essential to take into account the advantages as well as the drawbacks of this fridge model since it is actually a long-term investment.

Urthermore, keep in mind that the door of a counter-depth refrigerator along with its handle is going to protrude somewhat from the border of the counter and thus these may not be included by depth while the measurement is done.

Advantages of a Counter-Depth Refrigerator:

1. A sleeker appearance

One cannot refute the truth that the kitchen will get a more even profile by this specific style. The fridge seldom protrudes a number of inches past the counter.

2. Far easier accessibility to contents

It is easier to find as well as get back contents from a counter-depth fridge which doesn’t need much bending. Exactly the same holds true when it comes to the freezer area. On this top of this, you’ll likewise value the better accessibility with regards to cleaning the fridge.

3. Special storage opportunities

Given that a counter-depth model is going to be wider as compared to the same capacity in a standard depth device this sometimes enables storage of wide cold cut trays, something which may not be feasible with a narrow refrigerator. The same goes with longer door bins which may be simpler to plan and access.


1. A broader profile

With regards to a specific capacity, the breadth of a 25″ counter-depth fridge is going to be more than that of a standard-depth version. You may need to check out a lower capacity to fit inside the present space in case you’re using a counter-depth model to swap the present standard-depth refrigerator.

2. Crispers are smaller and shorter

Whilst access is much better, drawers like deli compartments plus crispers are usually shorter which is important when storing long objects like celery, plastic storage trays or containers.

3. Freezer chambers have less capacity

It would be prudent to expect reduced capacity whether the freezer section happens to be a bottom drawer or even a top mount. Nevertheless, it’s far easier to have accessibility to frozen food items. For a broader design and style, more clearance is going to be required by the single door swing.

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